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Payday 2-How to Download

Payday 2 is all about cooperation. You gather your friends, you do your job, and you do it the way you want.

There are a few ways to download Payday 2. You can find how to do it here, but before downloading, make sure that you have more than 10 GB of free disk space.



The most famous gaming platform. Just login and you’ll be able to purchase it in there.

To buy it:

1. Click on Store tab.

2. Type “Payday 2” on the search box.

3. Choose the Payday 2 edition you want to get.

4. Click on Add to cart.

5. Pay for it, then it will be automatically downloaded.

To redeem a code:

If you’re a lucky guy whose friend purchased the Four Pack of Payday 2, just do the following.

For trading:

1. Your friend will receive three copies of Payday 2. He’ll be able to trade them or gift them.

2. Your friend will have to open his Friends list on Steam, right-click on your name, and click on Invite to trade.

3. Your friend will have to drag and drop the items from his or her backpack. Then, both of you will have to approve the trade by clicking on Ready to Trade.

4. Your friend will then click on Make Trade. Then you’ll receive the game.

5. Once the trade is over, go to your inventory (Under Community tab) and click “Unpack gift…”. It will be added to your collection.

For gifting:

1. Your friend will have to go to his or her inventory, choose the game and click on Send gift…

2. He’ll be prompted to choose between sending it over Steam or sending it over e-mail. You’ll receive a notification anyway.

3. Open the notification and click on the new gift.

4. Click on Add to my game library. It’ll be downloaded automatically.


If you prefer to buy it through our website, just do the following and you’ll get your Steam key at the end of the process.

1. Go to

2. Click on “Continue”.

3. Enter your billing information.

4. Choose your payment method. Please take extra note that our website does only support Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, American Express, JCB and Sofort Banking.

5. You’ll get your Steam key at the end of the process.

Now, to redeem it on Steam, follow this process:

1. Login on Steam.

2. Click the Games menu, located at the top.

3. Click on Activate a product on Steam…

4. Click Next

5. Read the terms if you want and Accept them.

6. Enter the Key you just received and click Next.

7. Follow the onscreen instructions. Your game will be added to your collection and downloaded authomatically.


If you want the console version, just navigate your store (Xbox Live Marketplace or PSN) and select Payday 2. The moment you pay for it, it’ll be downloaded on your hard drive.

Enjoy your heists!

Author: Noris Gamer

This is all the info i got after researching alot, i have included a small guide for console also as they are automatic. i hope you will like it. I am available to edit the article immediately. if needed.



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